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Committed to Quality Beef

Trusting your food source is everything. We are Kevin Brooke and Lisa Matovich-Brooke and our mission is to provide safe, great tasting homegrown beef from our MM Matovich Ranch. Along with our daughters Olivia and Lily, we work hard t0 raise all natural Montana beef that you can trust and enjoy.

Our angus cattle are certified with the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) They audit our ranch for animal welfare, the non use of hormones or antibiotics and overall management practices. This means you are buying certified all natural beef raised without drugs or steroids.

On every package of beef is a Step 4 rating. Our GAP certification gives you the documented confidence that our beef is healthy and all natural. We can’t — and won’t —take shortcuts in growing our cattle. GAP certified cattle have higher standards of animal health accountability. Whole Foods and the more stringent foreign markets like Japan and Europe pay a premium for these GAP certified cattle. They demand to know how these cattle are raised.

There are no magical secrets to raising good beef. It takes good genetics, quality feed, attention to detail and a passion for cattle. Our family believe it’s worth the effort. We’re just like you — we want to know where our food comes from. We’re a small family ranch that cares about beef.


How do we do it? We hand pick the cattle for the beef program each fall. These animals will live on the ranch’s grass and hay. They never leave the ranch. MM Beef Company sells quality Montana beef that is raised in the most sustainable and ethical way. Our cattle never leave the ranch. After 16-20 months, cows are sent to a USDA processing facility where the finished product will be dry-aged 14-21 days and vacuumed packaged with our federal USDA label.

MM Beef Company meats are approved to be sent anywhere. We can box it and get it right to your doorstep. Beef is sold in individual cuts and small to medium size bundles. No need to worry about freezer space or minimum orders. We can get you the right amount.

It takes a strong belief in our product. We guarantee our beef because trust is important. We value your confidence and interest in what we do in growing all natural beef.

We get asked about the “MM” in our company’s name. Some conclude that it has something to do with the play on taste or a clever gimmick. The “MM” is the registered Montana brand we use on our cattle. It’s our way to show our stamp of approval in our ranching practices.

We would love for you to try some of our all natural Montana beef.

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What we Promise

*We raise high quality angus cattle. hormones, GMO’s and growth

steroids are never used.

*Our family owned ranch is 60 years old. We focus on hard work and

a belief in doing what it takes to raise the best cattle possible.

*WE KEEP RECORDS SO You will always know where your beef comes from.

*Our cattle never leave the ranch. We work with a Montana USDA-certified processing

facility. The beef are dry-aged 14-21 days and Packaged with our USDA label.

*We care about our cattle and providing great tasting beef to our customers.

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