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Our Story

We are the products of fifth generation ranch families. Our love for the land and cattle runs deep. We split our time between jobs in Billings and the ranch near Grass Range, Montana. Home is where the heart is and the ranch along Wynn Creek is that place.

Difficult times and fate are a big part of our story. As we pursued college and careers in Billings, the ranch became a place to come home, hang out with family and often to be put to work. Lisa’s mother passed away in 1997 and her dad Dave ran the ranch. We were settled with a young family and careers as a high school teacher and private counselor until everything changed in 2006. Lisa’s father died unexpectedly leaving our lives and the ranch at a crossroads.

We decided to keep the ranch going. The ranching spirit has always been a part of our lives. We knew trying to run a ranch 100 miles away would be full of hard work, obstacles and risks. The “getting things done” is something our families know something about that.

Lisa's family immigrated from Croatia with dreams of a new life in America. They found their way to the open ranges of what is now Fort Peck Reservoir. Lisa's grandparents Dan and Matilda Matovich settled near Lewistown, Montana with their four children. They farmed and raised livestock. Their youngest son Dave went to the Navy, returned home and wanted to ranch. He married Punky Degner — whose pioneering family have been ranching in Central Montana for more than 100 years. Dave and Punky bought the Maddux Place in 1959 and began ranching legacy. Their daughter Lisa spent her childhood on the ranch where they raised cattle.

Kevin's family called southwestern Montana home. They immigrated from Switzerland and England with dreams like everyone else — to own land. Near the town of Pony, Kevin's grandfather, dad and uncle ranched and started a meat cutting business which eventually was moved to Whitehall. The family remained in ranching until the 1990s.

Together we took over the reins of the ranch with hopes of continuing to raise quality cattle. With the help of Dakota and Sarah Schweers and their family, we run the MM Matovich Ranch. Our mission is to take care of the land and raise the best possible beef.

We are proud of family heritage and the beef we raise. The MM Beef Company was established as a way to share our beef with you.

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