Making Hay While the Sun Shines

It’s the time of year when we roll out the equipment and start cutting, raking, baling and stacking. If you’re a live body on the ranch, chance are you will be doing something with haying.

We would love to winter cows without feeding. Central Montana can be unkind with thick ice, heavy snow and wind. We must provide about 700 tons of hay —that’s about 140 days of feeding. Our dryland hay matures all at once, so we’re cutting and baling as fast as possible. Three weeks of long days and sometimes late into the night is the norm for the ranchers.

In fall you’ll see huge haystacks dotting the rural landscape. By spring most of it is gone. The bales are made one at a time and fed out one at a time. It’s the biggest job of summer.

MM Beef Company--hay bales

Farm to City

We had a our first farm tour in late June. We had to fight a little wet weather, but it was a great day for learning and hanging out with the animals. One of the hit which we did not anticipate — the kids fell in love with our stacked hay bales. We hoping to have another bigger farm day in 2020.

MM Beef Company -- life on ranch