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We raise our cattle in the most natural way possible. They live on the range and eat the homegrown grass and hay we swath and bale ourselves. It makes all the difference. The early stockman of the 1880s were lured to the area for the grass that was boot-high to the stirrups. Hence the community’s name of Grass Range. Well-established family ranches are everywhere. This is the place where cowboys and cowgirls still ride the ranges. Cattle thrive in this environment.

Our operation is set in the middle of Montana where you’ll find some of the best cattle genetics in the nation. Our angus bulls are selected for their growth potential, marbling and calm demeanor. Mother cows are chosen for their maternal abilities to care for their calves. Cows live like cows. We don’t push them to grow faster nor do these cows ever get confined to a feedlot.

When the calves are born in spring, this is the beginning of their two-year growing up journey. Calves grow slowly without growth hormones or special feed additives. The final 45-60 days, we feed a milled grain with hay and grass. Our dormant grass of fall does not provide enough fortified energy. A little grain keeps them growing and enhances the flavor.

We are enrolled in the (GAP) Global Animal Partnership globalanimalpartnership.org which certifies our status as an all natural cattle operation. Animals in need of antibiotics for their survival are kept in a separate program. The GAP requires ethical treatment of the animals as well. We would like to think we have healthy, happy cows.

Our cattle herd is important to us. An old rancher once told us that if you take care of your cows, they’ll take care of you. We try to follow that advice. For the past 60 years, it has worked pretty well.

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MM Beef Company cow roundup
MM Beef Company--summer cows
MM Beef Company-- Grass Fed
MM Beef Company--Big Sky Montana

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