MM Matovich Ranch

The Ranch Story

 The MM Matovich Ranch is located in the Little Snowy Mountains near Grass Range, Montana where the deer and antelope really do play. We are blessed with great native grass and beautiful scenery.

This is cow country. Central Montana played a huge role in the development of ranching. As the buffalo herds and Native American nomadic living diminished in the 1880s, cattle ranching prospered. With 4o million acres of good grass and clear water, the region became home to livestock. Many of the cattle traditions of sorting, branding and gathering still continues today.

One secret of our ranch —and most of central Montana — is the soil that is heavy red clay. It might not be the best in keeping vehicles or white shirts clean, but the soil retains moisture. It grows lots of grass. On about 14 inches of annual rainfall, we raise 1000 tons of drylands alfalfa and grass thanks to that dirty red clay. This is all done without any kind of irrigation. You won’t find a sprinkler anywhere in the valley. Our hay crops never receive commercial fertilizers. We care for our land with strategic grazing techniques. We’re not organic — but we’re close!

Our cattle flourish on these native grasses and cold mountain streams We do not raise other livestock. The country is noted for grass and cattle. Growing crops do not fare as well with late-spring frosts and early winters. We try to keep things simple— raising cattle in the most natural way.

The ranch was purchased by Lisa’s parents in 1959. Called “the place off Latch Hill” it has a bit of history. The famed N Bar Ranch sheared sheep in our wooden barns before turning them out into the foothills during the days of open range grazing. The names of those hardy sheep shearers from the 1920s can still be seen on the stringers in the barn.

With Dakota and Sarah Schweers and their family, the ranch continues to operate with the mission of taking take of cattle in the most sustainable way.

We are progressive in our ranch practices and very proud of the ranch's legacy. The cattle fare well in this environment and it’s a great place to raise our daughters and a spoiled herd of kitty cats. Let us know if you have questions or would ever like a tour of the ranch.

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Our employee family Dakota and Sarah Schweers and children Colleen, Jaxon, Tucker and Shelby.

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